East2West Educations

End-to-End Overseas Education Services & Solutions

When it comes to Overseas Education consultation, we understand that ‘one size does not fit all’! Every student has a unique skill set, intellectual profile, varied career aspirations and financial limitations. Keeping all these parameters in mind, we filter the countries/ universities/ courses that suit your profile, and customise the best possible solution to make your dreams to study abroad come true.

Student Visa Application

We stay abreast of the processes and visa requirements of all countries within the purview of our services and provide free assistance for the same. Once you download the latest Visa Application forms, we advise you on the documents that will need to be certified, scanned and submitted for the same. If certified translations of the documents are required, we will assist with that too. We will also prepare you to answer questions that could be asked at your visa interview.

Financial Aid Advice

There are many scholarships and funding opportunities available for students who would like to study abroad. We give you timely and relevant advice on researching and applying for scholarships. If you don’t qualify for a scholarship, we will provide the necessary assistance to avail bank loans that will help make your foreign education a reality.

Pre-Departure Briefing

We have an exhaustive briefing session that will help students become self-sufficient, and mentally prepare them to live in a completely different environment and country. We advise you on the culture of the country and appropriate decorum and behaviour that they will need to maintain to blend in with the locals. Also included, will be a list of what to find where, things to do in and around campus, supermarkets, hospitals, medical emergency protocol, banking, means of communication etc.

Part-Time Work Advice

If you need to work on the side to supplement your pocket money/tuition fee, we will advise you to choose your country accordingly. Some countries do not allow international students to work part-time, while there are many countries that do. We will update you on the work options within the university and opportunities that can be pursued in your neighbourhood. But at no cost, should your job affect your academic schedule/performance.

Networking Opportunities

Networking is a great way to further the scope of your education, social life and career in a foreign country. As we send students in batches from different states and countries, we will set the stage for you’ll to interact with each other before hand, giving you your first networking opportunity in a new country. After you get there, it is up to you to maintain that network and create new ones.

Post-Landing Services

This is an integral part of our services that will make matters easier for you on arrival in a new country. We will have our trusted agents at the airport, to pick you up and take you to your temporary/university accommodation. We will assist you in opening a bank account and getting a local SIM card, which will be integral to helping you keep in touch with friends and family. Thirdwave will also follow up with the university and your family to ensure that everything is in place and you’re settled in.